Media coverage of Stephanie Key’s nude shoots

Breaking: Stephanie Key has a body with boobs and stuff.

I know. I was as shocked as you.

I’m especially floored that a 20 year old studying at a Paris art school got naked for a photoshoot.

But, thanks to the international and local mainstream media, I know I’m not alone in my pearl clutching.

Because of the sterling coverage of Stephanie’s images I’ve learned the important things about the project.

Oh, not what she’s studying or what the project brief was or how she feels about the images or her inspirations or any nonsense like that. No, I know they’re self portraits and some of them have NIPPLE.

I don’t know what her teachers think, what the views of her contemporaries are, or any major art critics’ thoughts on whether the sushi photo is orientalising or culturally appropriative of foundational Japanese erotica.

Nope. But I know what her dad does and what he thinks of them.

Thank God, right? I mean, young female artists need all the exposure they can get so it’s fabulous that the media are giving her such a helping hand. She should basically pay them for the free advertising.

I can’t wait to follow Stephanie’s work and career from now on.

I mean, as long as she’s naked.

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