European Man looking for a female housekeeper

Today, a job advertisement on Trade Me got a lot of attention. The ad was flagged to the administrators of Trade Me by a few people, including myself. It’s since been edited, but it originally read as follows:

European Man looking for a female housekeeper and Administrator for work at home .
Main responsibilities are:
– Cleaning (keeping house clean and tidy at all times)
– Ironing
– Laundry
– Cooking
– Filing Paperwork
– Computer work Word Excel etc
– accompanying in trips

Dont have to have experience in admin or housekeeping but it may help.

Age is not a problem, as long as you are mature.

would help if you have a passport to travel, but not required, but would like you to be able to get one

Accommodation a car and meals can be provided.

Can be full or part time to work around you

Could be a studying or

If applying for this position please attach recent photo.

If I am interested I will email full duty’s or call or txt
email or txt 022 ******* dont ring, i just dont want 100’s or calls

Has to be female. Has to provide a picture. Can obviously be fairly young, and will be expected to live in and accompany this dude everywhere. Alarm bells.

At this point it’s worth noting that it’s not illegal to discriminate based on gender for “domestic employment in a private household”. And asking for a photo with a job application is also not unlawful under the Human Rights Act 1993, but could be seen as grounds for discrimination if a photo is used to determine who got the job.

The surface issues here are not ones of *technical legalities* but ethical ones.

So I figured, why not be the female, photo-willing young thing this guy wants. I imagined he’ll respond well to lots of smiley faces and over-eagerness, and we’ll get to the bottom of this creepy as fuck ad.

Is this dishonest? Maybe. Is it important to find out more about stuff that appears at least inappropriate and at the worst, predatory? Yeah, I think so.

So, here’s a copy and pasted transcript of our text conversation:

Hi there! I love the look of your house keeper job. I’ve just got back from the UK where I was doing nannying and housekeeping with a bit of modeling work on the side. I love travel and have great references. Are you able to tell me a bit more about the job and pay? It sounds really exciting 😉

Sure what do u want to know? The last lady was with me 6 years  and realy enjoyed it So tell me a bit about you age bf what were u doing etc Btw have u sent photo or cv yet

Not yet sorry! I won’t have computer access until this evening, just using my ph at the mo. I can send you a pxt of me tho. I was doing temping for a nannying agency and a bit of online modeling work. I’m 24 🙂 Does bf stand for boyfriend? I’d love to know what the pay is and where I’d be staying if I got the job 🙂

Yes it does i And yep pxt i fine To tell the truth dont realy care about the money the right person is worth it Kate had a credit card and i payed all the bills or the business did and she prob got 500 =600 week I have a couple of home and you would b welcome there of course

That sounds awesome! I don’t have a boyfriend, I broke up with my last one before I went to the UK so I’m free as a bird 😉 why’s that? This is a photo of me [generic selfie], sorry I don’t have any more professional shots saved on my ph 😦

Well lets be honest if you traveling with me have a credit card to shop for clothes shoes etc i guess u like shopping:-) what girl doesnt and boys and truely at 26 they are boys not men they cant realy handle it and that leads to drama and i just dont do drama If you dont mind me saying u look smoking hot btw lol i see why u were modeling

Oh thanks so much! Yeah I’m not really into guys my age or drama. Are there any other fun duties? 😉 this sounds like a dream job x

Well im no drama being 38 i pass all that lol Kate said it was a dream job she came and went as she liked but alway got everything done was a shame to lose her but she had to follow her dream So what sort of place would u like

I like pretty houses and apartments! What does your business involve? Kate sounds like a lucky girl.

Apartment i can do im in the propery business so that shold not b to hard Yep she is on one hand it hard that i help her grow and leave me but on the other its fantastic how well she is doing

Do you have a gf, it’s only fair since you asked me!

Nope but you had already figured that out for yourself lol How many girls do you know who would let there man spoil another girl like this without wanting to strach her eyes out lol As i said i am painfull honest and hate drama So what were u realy wanting to ask

haha i suppose im wondering if there’s anything more to the role than just being your assistant and housekeeper 😛

What would u be happy with i guess is the question I have not done this for 6 years when i got kate and man things have changed ! I have had over 40 apps so far and suprising most girls get it some have just come right out with it lol

Ah ok I get it. Not sure I’m comfortable with that but thanks heaps for your time 🙂

Whoa i think you may have jumped a bit far can i explain

Yeah sure

Basicly i work all the time im real good at making money but have fuck all time for anything else I have a heap of paperwork that needs doing etc plus looking after homes etc So i am lookng for a pa/wife i guess Now im not going to lye its just not in my nature kate and i were involved but that was part of it not all of it If it was just that its not hard to go to a pub wave around a gold card and pull but thats not what im into I understand that it is a somewhat diffrent arrangement but arent all basicly each getting something from the other i just a bit more honest a about it Lets face it the wife of a plumber does excaly this pays bills runs the office  and sleeps with the boss O:-) The big diffrance is im a lawyer not a plumber and she worries about money the whole time you would not as i said i am very honest and quite understand if its not for you im dispointed as you seem life a smart lady i never ment to offend anyone so i am truly sorry if i have

[And this is where I felt I should break character]
I’m not offended but I am concerned that you’re going through the channels of finding a PA/housekeeper to start this kind of relationship. It’s not the relationship that’s the issue, it’s the avenue and the potential for people to be mislead.
True but im am lookng for a pa i was just answering your question honeatly that it may develop into something else but point taken Thats why i being totaly honest with people Thanks vety much for your time i realy did enjoy the chat
So there we have it. This guy asked me if I had a boyfriend, as a determinant for my eligibility of the role, within 2 minutes. That is an unlawful grounds for employment discrimination. He hit on me within 5 minutes, and he had made it clear this role was one of a sexual nature almost immediately after.
And not once throughout the whole conversation, did he even ask my name. Just the important stuff, then.

I had to dig for it, but I’d rather be leading and find out what was really going on here, than leave some young woman to find out after she thought she found her dream job.

Despite several people bringing this to the attention of TradeMe, this advert has had “female” removed but is still on their website. 

I kinda think this should be taken down now, don’t you?

2 thoughts on “European Man looking for a female housekeeper

  1. Good on you for bringing this to everyone’s attention and unravelling him the way you have. He’s a predatory creep and it’s completely disgusting. In saying that, he’s clearly lonely and doesn’t know how else to approach this. Hopefully he is helped to realise what he’s doing isn’t right and that he seek companionship elsewhere, not disguised as employment or anything else. Yuck.

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