Canon Media Awards

Today the Canon Media Awards announced their finalists for 2016. The Canon Media Awards are:

…the New Zealand publishing industry’s premier awards, held annually to encourage, showcase and acknowledge the best of New Zealand’s newspapers, magazines and websites, as well as the work of feature writers, columnists, cartoonists, reviewers and photographers.

So, because I’m a high-functioning masochist, I did some data-crunching.

There are a total of 68 categories, 56 of them featuring people (not apps or websites).

Of those 56 categories 19 feature no women finalists whatsoever.

The worst area is photography, with a grand total of one woman nominated twice in 12 categories.

Many finalists are nominated for more than one award. There are 152 people nominated in total, 53 of which are women. 

The total nominations count is 223 nominations 67 of those nominations going to women.

I’m just gonna leave you with this.



3 thoughts on “Canon Media Awards

  1. I understand your concern but the problem lies in how many female visuals are in the industry. Go to a press conference and 9out of ten people with cameras are male. In this respect the nominations appear to fairly represent the gender balance doing the job.

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