How to talk to women

There are entire books, forums and motivational speaking circuits dedicated to methods guys can use to allegedly get women to fuck them. It’s boring. It’s regressive. It’s harmful. I’ve written about it ad nauseam.

Learning about that community made me feel equal parts angry and sad. The anger is obvious (misogyny sucks) but the sadness came from a growing understanding that having a formula to interact with women makes some socially awkward men feel more confident and safe.

I wish the end-goal of those formulae wasn’t to end up back at her place sweatily fingering her like maybe there’s something stuck up there, but I appreciate wanting something that feels like a cheat-sheet for human interactions.

I often wish men had access to a cheat-sheet for how to interact with women in public without sexual intent. I often wish men never approached me in public. I often wish men, like, didn’t exist in public. But probably only one of those things is reasonable.

So, because I couldn’t find said cheat-sheet, I wrote one my goddamn self. Here it is for all your hand-wringing ‘isn’t this reverse sexism?’ pleasure.


3 thoughts on “How to talk to women

  1. ha! This is gold. It reminds me of the “do I want panpipes on this recording” flowchart. Except more nuanced; I guess humans are more nuanced than bamboo tubes. You’d be hard-pressed to tell sometimes tho.

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